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Be the Hope | 24 Ways

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 208.343.7025 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

24 Ways

Join us and Be the Hope in our community; every little piece of hope makes a difference and we ask that you unleash the power of radical generosity and awareness by taking part in 1 or more of our 24 Ways.

By supporting the WCA today you can double your impact where every dollar is matched.


  1.  Be the Hope and GIVE NOW! CLICK HERE 
  2. Ask 24 friends to give $24 each or share our 24 Ways with them. CLICK HERE
  3. Text “WCA” to 44-321 to financially support our mission
  4. Give In-Kind through our Amazon Wish List. CLICK HERE
  5. Help raise awareness about domestic abuse and sexual assault by changing your  profile picture to our Day of Hope Logo
  6.  Share our mission and tag the WCA on your social media 
  7. Support the WCA’s most vulnerable clients, the children and join our Kid’s Corner ($25/month). Email Bre Young to sign-up: [email protected]
  8. Send a group text to friends and family with a link to the “Be the Hope” page and ask them to support our mission
  9. Share WCA’s shoe card images on social media as ways for people get help and support those in our community who need access to services
  10. Listen to and share the WCA’s  Prevention Perspective and What Compassion Accomplishes Podcasts with friends and family
  11. Sign up for an educational presentation to learn more about domestic abuse and sexual assault CLICK HERE
  12. Check out your company’s corporate matching policy online or contact your Human Resources Department. Could you use it to double your donation?
  13.   Draw or color a coloring page to display in your window and support victims of domestic abuse.
  14.  Write out a message of hope. Take a photo of yourself holding the sign, tag the WCA and post it to your social media
  15.   Chalk a message of hope on your sidewalk to support victims of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Take a photo and tag the WCA on your social media.
  16.    Gain insight on real-life domestic abuse cases and watch:
    • American Murder: The Family Next Door on Netflix, a documentary surrounding Shannan Watts or The Murder of Laci Peterson on Hulu ***CW descriptions of violence, depictions of physical and emotional abuse, violence against children
    • MAID on Netflix, a limited series showcasing abusive relationship ***CW descriptions of domestic abuse, child abuse, gaslighting
  17.   Record a short video about why you support the WCA and post on your social media
  18.   Paint rocks with messages of hope and spread them around your neighborhood
  19.   Have your teens follow our WCA Youth Reps Instagram page @wcayouthreps
  20.   Print the equality wheel and hang it on your refrigerator to remind yourself and others about the traits of a positive relationship
  21.   Sign up for a virtual WCA Mission Tour to learn more about WCA’s  services and  hear about client experiences.. If you have already participated, invite your friends and family to join. CLICK HERE
  22.   Call your friends and ask how they are doing. Listen to what’s going on in their lives and let them know that you are there for them.
  23.   Dress your pets up in purple (the color of domestic abuse awareness) and teal (sexual assault awareness) to show your support for survivors and for the WCA. Take a picture, post to your social media, and tag the WCA.
  24.   Tell a friend about why you are involved with or support the WCA. Share what led you to get to know us.

Extra Resources

24-Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline 208.343.7025
24-Hour Sexual Assault Hotline 208.345.7273
720 W Washington St
Boise, ID 83702


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