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CEO Update 2.18.2021

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Today I am celebrating. Sandi has a home!

One of the many things I take for granted is having a house to call home. A safe place where I can relax at the end of a busy day. A recent update from one of our Case Managers about one of our clients really resonated with me and reminds me that I should never take my home for granted.

I often refer to our Case Managers as the problem-solvers. And when I hear this type of story, this description is confirmed. Abigail, one of our dedicated and passionate Case Managers, shared the following success about a client she’d been working with for some time (we will call her “Sandi” to protect her privacy). I hope this gives you some insight into why I feel so privileged to do this work.

“As a Case Manager, it is often difficult to summarize all of the progress that one client has made. Recently, a client that I have been working with for over a year, Sandi, has been successfully housed. 

It’s amazing how simple that sentence sounds when, in reality, this achievement was nothing short of an uphill battle. Throughout this year, Sandi and I created a plan to address her housing barriers. Many of these housing barriers were directly caused by the impact of domestic violence. Sandi had experienced financial abuse, which negatively impacted her credit, income and rental history. Through connecting Sandi with resources and partners in the community as well as internally here at the WCA, Sandi diligently worked on getting her family housed. During our appointments, Sandi had to juggle focusing time to address many of her financial barriers while also dedicating time to navigate finding sustainable housing in a community where affordable options are few and far between. 

Sandi’s dedication and hard work now result in her family living independently and safely for the first time in almost two years. Now in a home, Sandi is ready to build on this achievement, setting goals to go back to school as well as continuing her healing journey.”

I am so proud of Sandi and the WCA team that makes Sandi’s journey to freedom from abuse possible.

Feeling grateful,


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