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Corporate Pillar Spotlight

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 208.343.7025 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)

MG Vertical Vector 01.13MaxGiving, with Dan Harrington at the helm, has been a phenomenal WCA Corporate Pillar. MaxGiving provides technical online support to enhance our ability to securely collect donations and allows a seamless process for our donors. Our partnership is such that whenever we call for assistance, Dan and his staff are always there for us. Dan has also been instrumental in introducing our WCA donor staff to potential business partners in the community. He is an amazing people person and has the incredible gift of knowing most everyone in town. Dan is compassionate, kind and a great friend to the WCA. Dan will share in his own words what the WCA means to him personally and to MaxGiving.

“The Women’s and Children’s Alliance is especially important to me for the incredibly positive impact that it has had on my friends, family, and our employees over the years.  Women especially are such a crucial part of the fabric of our society, and I believe that at the very core of the strength of our society are the mothers of children.

MaxGiving is honored to be a member of the WCA Corporate Pillars program.  As President of NLP Secure and MaxGiving my goal is to provide maximum positive impact for our customers and the communities that we serve with electronic payment and fundraising technology delivered to organizations of all sizes.

As a business owner and community member, I am so thankful that the Women’s and Children’s Alliance is here in our community.  Their work is so very important helping women who need immediate and timely assistance today to get through abusive and troubling situations.  Additionally, their investment in children is so beneficial to our community as they grow up to be our taxpaying citizens and community leaders of tomorrow.

DanHeadshot1MaxGiving is proud to provide electronic payment and fundraising technology solutions for the Women’s and Children’s Alliance and thousands of nonprofit locations across the USA and Canada.

I invite you to join our staff at the World’s Biggest Boot Camp this August 16th where all proceeds benefit the Women’s and Children’s Alliance.  It is only $10 to attend, and please find it in your heart to add an additional donation when you pre-register: https://fitmaniawca.maxgiving.com/ and please invite your friends and family!

Since I was a young child, I have always admired my mother.  Yet only until I have ventured well into adulthood myself have I truly experienced first-hand being a parent of three children, balancing a career and running businesses, and I now see how truly amazing of a woman she has been–and I have come to believe that she is one of the most amazing people living on this earth today.

My mother went to college at Harvard, gave birth to twelve children, home-schooled all of them from cradle to college, helped my father run our family business while working around the clock for twenty years and nursing and changing diapers and having babies over a twenty-two year span.  With my young sister  just two years old, she went to law school at the University of Idaho graduating #1 in her class, and then went on to earn a PhD in Accounting Information Systems from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln at the age of 56.
I can only hope to personally achieve a fraction of my mother’s achievements in life.  With my personal and business support of the Women’s and Children’s Alliance, I make the conscious choice to invest time and resources helping the WCA in her honor.”


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