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Finding Freedom

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Written by Jennifer Cochern, Clinical Services Manager

July 4th is the day that American’s celebrate Independence Day, the day that represents winning our freedom from England. July 4th reminds me of the struggle for freedom by our forefathers from a system that was oppressive and controlling. It also reminds me that not all Americans are free.

Domestic abuse and sexual assault are forms of power and control over another person, a withholding of freedom. The abuse can occur in a person’s own home possibly by the person he or she loves the most. The right to choose, to express thoughts and feelings and to live one’s dreams is controlled through financial, emotional, verbal, physical and sexual abuse. This abuse doesn’t happen just once but many times over days and years until the person being victimized is just a shell of their former self.

The Women’s & Children’s Alliance exists to serve people who have been victimized within some type of relationship. Our clients are given choices as to what services might be most beneficial. They are encouraged and empowered to express their thoughts and feelings within a safe, trauma-sensitive environment. Our staff is able to serve all members of the family affected by the abuse so that healing can occur throughout the system.

Piece by piece, a sense of freedom begins to return. As thoughts and ideas are spoken aloud, feelings are expressed and decisions are empowered, the emptiness begins to fill. It fills with self-worth, belief in what’s possible and the ability to choose based on knowledge and personal preference. The healing can take place quickly or over time, there are no assumptions. As we celebrate our country’s independence, let’s also consider the independence of those we love.


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