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Written by Omaste Witkowski

butterfly“This picture is representing the endless skies available to all of us when we choose to take flight in our lives. The orange center is the vibrants sense of being alive. The tissues of the heart and the energies of the soul mixing in such a way as to light the eternal fire inside each of us. The Flames represented by the golden accents are all of the opportunities along the way to let go of our experiences in such a way as to use them to fire our enthusiasm for a new journey.

I see many shapes of things yet to come in my life. Not all is revealed immediately and you can be sure that what is necessary will be materialized. Following the path of the heart is a journey taken lightly on the wings of transformation. Like the butterfly I have an internal sense of where I need to be and when I need to be there. My flight has brought me here to Boise Idaho and the wings I flew on were never for certain. I didn’t know what was going to be waiting for me when I arrived and yet the Love I felt at all times carried me along like wind for my wings.

As an Artist I express my life through my work. I feel as though I conduct a music of the soul as I mix and match colors and shapes and sensations. My designs and illustrations flow through me and I experience my life’s work in each picture. When I am done with any image I can look at it and see the message that is there for me. I believe that Art is visible to each person as they see it and it is not the same for the next person. I am hopeful that everyone is able to feel the Light and Joy that I experience with my work and I also hope for them to see whatever is soothing and healing.”

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