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Let Me Tell You About Sarah

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Amidst all this craziness, there is hope. Let me tell you about Sarah. Last Friday, we were hanging out at Kneaders Bakery in Meridian with Project 88.7. The bakery was hosting an all-day fundraiser and donating 10% of their proceeds to benefit our programming with the radio station broadcasting live for their Project Breakfast morning show. Our staff was on hand for several hours, sharing information about our services and our hotline number to their listeners.

They were also passing out shoe cards to all those using the drive through…(COOL!) and asking those customers if they knew about the WCA. And then Kevin met Sarah, and Sarah told Kevin that she did know about the WCA, and that the WCA quite literally saved her life.

This moment in time really impacted Kevin as he related it to the rest of the Project 88.7 staff and they shared the story on air. The fact that the WCA not only does good work as a nonprofit each day, but we are quite literally changing lives—and in Sarah’s own words, saving lives—really blew his mind.

So, as we are continuing to see our hotline calls remain high—we know this is because people know we are here. Our doors are open and there is help, there is hope. For all the Sarah’s out there, you are not alone.

If you or someone you know needs help, we are here. Call our 24-hour Domestic Abuse hotline for resources and information at 208-343-7025. Reach out to those you care about during these difficult times. As a community we will come through this—and all the stronger for it, if we continue to support each other.

With gratitude,


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