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Staff Spotlight: Brandi Winter

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Brandi Winter

Brandi Winter, Facilities Services Manager

Our staff spotlight for June is Brandi Winter. Brandi is our Facility Manager at the Women’s and Children’s Alliance (WCA). As Facility Manager she ensures all three facilities are well maintained and up to code. She has worked in this role for two and half years.

Prior to her work with the WCA, Brandi worked as a regional security manager for HP Inc. and supported all offices west of the Mississippi.

Brandi, as well as her team, is a jack-of-all-trades. They work on a variety of projects and odd jobs between our various locations. Both light cleaning and deep cleaning of rooms, patching walls, shampooing carpet and running donations and supplies out to the shelters.

While assisting with projects on the buildings, her team also keeps our computer systems running smoothly.

“I support staff with IT issues they may have including desktop support, creating new user accounts and working directly with vendor on issues unable to resolve locally. I value that I can help staff at any time with most of their problems and enjoy knowing that they know if they call me I will do everything in my power to promptly address the problem regardless of what it might be,” Brandi said.

In addition to helping staff with current problems, Brandi and her team also work on ongoing improvements for the WCA’s staff and clients.

“I am currently working on a project to upgrade Microsoft from 7 to office 365 which will greatly support stronger HIPPA compliance as well as being a more user friendly platform for staff to use from outside of the local network,” she said.

Brandi and her team also help with new shelter upgrades, including a basketball court at the shelter going in this summer to provide children a place to play and relax. She has had the opportunity to work with teams of volunteers to complete different projects such as the beautification of the shelter’s entry point last summer.

She appreciates the hard work and dedication of all the staff and volunteers at the WCA.

“I appreciate as well knowing that our work be it behind most scenes ensures clients and employees are comfortable,” Brandi said. “I also am deeply moved by the vast dedication and compassion of so many people. Each department in this organization can leave me in awe.”

Brandi has worked at the WCA for a few years now. One of the things that keeps her motivated on the job is being surrounded by so many passionate individuals.

“I believe I have realized there are so many people dedicated to others over themselves. We often are surrounded by ill effect and negativity and this organization has shown there are many people in this community that truly do care and will selflessly give for the sake of others.”

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