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The BeaLine

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The Bea Line

The Bea Line

August is a time of transition. The realization that summer is almost over can lead to thoughts of last minute vacations and getting ready for a new school year if there are students in the household. While transition times can be exciting – filled with anticipation for the change in seasons or new beginnings – they can also be times filled with trepidation for what lies ahead. For our clients, the time they spend with us is a time of transition. Regardless of how they engage with us and what service they are utilizing, the reason they came to work with us is because they have decided to make a change in their life. Their fear of the unknown is overshadowed by the fear and the pain of the life they have been living. Embracing change does not come naturally to most of us, and yet that is what our wonderful staff works to help our clients do – day after day. To see the possibility in a new beginning, a new day. To gain the strength to face the challenges posed by these changes and to develop a sense of confidence that whatever comes they have the tools to handle it. Often this takes a long time, but with support and encouragement, facing the unknown can lead to a feeling of excitement and anticipation and eventually pride in meeting challenges with a feeling of strength and resiliency. Every day I am in awe of the life-changing work that goes on at the WCA thanks to the team of dedicated, passionate and caring individuals who have chosen to make this their calling and in gratitude for the generosity of our community that makes it possible!


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