24-Hour Domestic Abuse Hotline: 208.343.7025


Tag: Survivor’s Story

24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline: 208.343.7025 24-hour Rape Crisis Hotline: 208.345.7273 (RAPE)
Finding Freedom: One Survivor’s Story Part 4

  After leaving my abusive relationship, I wasn’t sure what was next or how I was supposed to be. I asked myself “When will I be okay?” and “Where will I be in a year from now?”  I learned shortly after leaving these are very normal thoughts to have after being isolated, manipulated and made […]

Finding Freedom: One Survivor’s Story Part 2

After you realize you have hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. Therapy was my go to, my foundation to start rediscovering where I was and where I needed to be. For me making the decision to go to therapy was the best one I could have ever made. However, before I […]

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